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"Captivating, charismatic, warm, passionate - a fierce, courageous leader steeped in authenticity. Kristi is magnetic with her ability to inspire curiosity and exploration into the human heart."

Kristi Lyons

Kristi is a E-RYT® 500 seasoned yoga instructor, teacher trainer, athlete, and an advocate for social justice, environmentalism, and inclusivity. Her curiosity keeps her dedicated to learning while constantly evolving, believing that the work - microcosmic to macrocosmic - is never truly done. Kristi is a skillful story-teller, which makes her classes unique and creative as she artfully weaves yogic philosophy and Ayurveda throughout the practice. Authentic and charismatic, she is known for her clear, concise instructions as well as her ability to challenge students both intellectually and physically.


At a young age, Kristi started stumbling upon those rare moments where the veil between humanness and spirit were mysteriously thin. Those moments sparked her curiosity to seek out a wide variety of spiritual teachers and mentors from all walks of life including; long time yoga teachers and desi yogis, fiery social justice advocates, trail-blazing movers & shakers, insightful energy healers, unassuming clairvoyants, and an eclectic collection of “adopted moms” she’s gathered along her journey.

Kristi upholds the truth that yoga is a life practice which includes self-study, social justice, inclusivity, environmentalism, and uplifting the voices of lineage holders in the yoga tradition. She offers the gift of humanness as she walks alongside of her community as a loving witness with compassion, and a big open-heart.

Kristi completed her last 300 hour teacher training in 2019 with yoga therapist and author, Sarahjoy Marsh, who has inspired Kristi to take on one-on-one clients for healing through mindfulness and restorative Ayurvedic practices. It is her greatest hope that she can be of service to you in your journey towards healing and wholeness so together you can help to create a more just world for all.

Kristi is based in Olympia, WA.

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