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Class Descriptions

Below you can find descriptions of my class offerings. All of my classes weave together the many modalities of healing practices I've studying over the past 18 years including, Hatha yoga, Kripalu, Anusara inspired, Ayurveda, yoga therapy, myofascial release, mindfulness meditation, and adaptive yoga practices. If you are looking for an at home practice uniquely designed for you, consider requesting a private session via zoom or in person. I am currently taking on clients for private yoga sessions as a modality for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Contact me to set up a consultation to see if it's right for you!

Therapeutic Yoga

This class is designed to help students develop, maintain and restore optimal body movement and physical function. Postures and movements are thoughtfully put together to help students reduce chronic pain, build joint stability/mobility, bone density, prevent future injuries, and improve overall health and quality of life.

Dynamic Flow

A fun, active practice that starts with surya namaskar A & B and/or core work to prepare the body for a more challenging movements/postures. Expect a dynamic and continuous pace to move lymph and break a sweat, as well as longer holds to build heat, strength, and stability. Students will also be invited to practice deeper postures and more difficult transitions. Flow classes explore movement and asana through a visceral, intuitive, and body-centered lens. Expect more organic and continuous movement, breath reminders, and little to no alignment cues as practice will be more fluid. Flow classes begin with mindfulness (dharana) and/or breathing practices (pranayama) that are meant to guide students to a more quiet, integrated, and meditative exploration of practice.

Pose of the Week/Alignment

This is a fun, exploratory movement practice that highlights one specific asana through story, yogic philosophy, and deeper refinement of alignment. This is a slightly more static style of practice with verbal cues and visual articulation of biomechanics. Students will gain a deeper understanding yoga asanas (as well as their own unique relationship with them) so they can gain greater confidence and self advocacy when practicing in other classes. Alignment classes explore movement and asana through a cerebral, intellectual, and philosophical lens. Expect longer holds and a more static style of practice with lots of verbal cues and visual articulation of biomechanics and alignment. 

Myofascial + Mobility

Myofascial Release + Restorative

A deeply restorative practice that integrates myofascial release (self massage using trigger point therapy) and yin/restorative asanas with longer holds with mindfulness meditation and yoga philosophy. This practice is designed to help students reduce muscle aches, pain, spasms, and tension, as well as exercise and stress-related soreness. Other benefits include: optimization and improvement to range of motion, flexibility, muscle function, neuromuscular efficiency, athletic performance, posture, and overall quality of life. Myofascial release can also enhance circulation by breaking up the tight areas where blood flow may become restricted. Students often leave class feeling deeply relaxed. It's a perfect class for everyone, especially those looking for proactive recovery. All props required will be provided at the studio for your convenience.

Strength + Stability

Dharma Talk Align + Flow

In this class we come together through movement, yogic philosophy, and meditation to inspire and ignite greater change in our communities. Classes start with a dharma talk, a contemplative question, or call to action to create a focal point for practice. Then students will move into a warm-up with foundational asanas. Throughout practice students will be invited to explore optional stronger standing postures and deeper hip openers, backbends, forward folds, and twists. Students will also be invited to play with optional binds, more challenging arm balances, and inversions. Align + Flow classes will have a blend of both movement modalities. Expect verbal cues and visual articulation of biomechanics and alignment as well as opportunities to flow throughout practice with breath reminders. The bigger work here is to come together as a community to practice moving from the heart and through the world with greater love and compassion for self and all humanity. This class is typically offered once a month.

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